Wrapping paper fundraiser

The Victory Scratch Card features 52 scratch offs, each covering up a donation amount and a positive quote. Ask local businesses if they can donate supplies or cover the utilities in exchange for recognition in your pamphlets or advertisements.

Fruit Fundraiser — Raising funds selling citrus fruit and related fundraising products — Fresh fruit fundraiser ideas for your group.

Recycling— Phones and Laptops Reverse Raffle—All attendees get a free ticket to a raffle full of really bad and compulsory prizes head shave, have to sing a silly song in public, have to spend the rest of the evening in a cage….

93 Fundraising Ideas for Booster Clubs

Phone Drive—Every club should keep information on past donors, event attendees and potential sponsors. Non-profit organizations are famous for having fundraisers to raise money for their operations, to help those in need, and to assist other organizations who may need additional help. Crab Feed—A West Coast favorite.

Selecting Your Fundraiser Committee Every fundraiser needs a good committee. Craft Fair—Make your gymnasium or parking lot available to local artisans for a space-based fee.

Fundraiser Benefit

Just goes to show you should never turn down a donation! Get prizes like money, trips, movie tickets and gift certificates donated by your local businesses, in return for visibility at your duck race event.

Be sure you have sound equipment for all stages and for the performers. Most scratch card fundraisers offer coupons in return as a special Thank You to their supporters.

The areas that you will want to focus on would be: Read-a-thon Read-a-thons are often used to create interest in reading or raising money for libraries and schools. They can be engraved to honor a lost loved one, to mark a special occasion or even used as a family nameplate. Old targets revenge flocks should cost extra.

This example comes from Relay For Life. Mattress Sale—Sometimes you have to think out of the springbox, like this Oroville, California, booster club did.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Contacts the local radio and television stations to have the event put on their calender and invite them to attend the fundraiser.

The supplies are easy to find and fairly inexpensive.Start your fundraiser out right (and make it easy on you and your nonprofit in the process) by trying out one of these + fundraising ideas.

I put this list together to help get you started brainstorming the next perfect fundraiser for your booster club.

Tutorial: Totes Big and Small

Where indicated, the examples link to templates and checklists from actual booster clubs. Five Fridayland football teams begin their journeys toward a state championship this Friday night in the first round of the playoffs. McGuinness, Heritage Hall and Crossings Christian host first-round action, while PC North and John Marshall are on the road to open the postseason.

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Raise up to 50% profit with a fundraiser for the cause of your choice.

How to Plan and Host a Chili Cook-Off as a Fundraiser

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Inspired by Wrapping Paper

1. Small size: Fold your fabric in half and cut 15″ squares from both your outer and liner fabrics with the center fold of the fabric at the bottom of the square.

Wrapping paper fundraiser
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