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Raman sponsored the establishment of the Indian Academy of Sciences and has served as President since its inception. In his leisure hours, he used to sit on the upper deck of the ship and enjoy the beauty of the vast sea. A Child GeniusTiruchirapalli is a town on the banks of the river Cauvery.

Any doubt or question from a student would stimulate new scientific ideas. For admission into courses like MCA and L. The Students without admit card will not allow for the exam.

Thin layers of some crystals were prepared for study. Raman was engaged in very hard work in the University laboratory,during this period he was working on Optics and the scattering of light and made significant progress.

Raman secured high marks and got through the interview. Many students came to him from different parts of the country for post-graduate studies and research. Now Raman had to make a serious decision by choosing one job and leaving the other,and he decided to leave government job which brought him a handsome salary and several other benefits.

Compton was awarded the Nobel Prize for demonstrating that the nature of X-rays undergoes a change when passed through a matter. He published his research results in the leading journals of Calcutta, now Kolkata which were in regard to the subject of propagation of light.

His interest in physics was deep and lasting and so he continued his research work in his spare time in the laboratory of the Association.

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The GuideMany scholars were working in the Calcutta laboratories to unlock the secrets of sound and light. Wherever he visited he was greeted with warm welcomes and great respect. He would not stick to one particular textbook. He had observed the blue color of the deep glaciers mass of ice or snow in the Alps mountain ranges.

Raman's DayRaman was an early riser and used to take morning walks regularly. He was determined to upgrade the status of Indian science and technology to an international standard. Many Indian and British friends of Raman were surprised when C. These erudite papers of C.

Raman Effect happens when molecules of a medium scatter light energy particles known as photons. When a beam of monochromatic light passes through a transparent substance a substance which allows light to pass through itthe beam is scattered. This brought back scientific interest in Raman Effect, and the interest remains alive to this day.

InRaman was transferred to. Raman University Bachelor of Art Exam application form. As we know water is a transparent liquid. But Raman did not touch them. Spectral lines in it are characteristic of the light passing through the prism.

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After a shave and a bath he would dress up and send for a taxi. Once the above mentioned section has been opened, the Aspirants will get the link for downloading the Hall Ticket.

They became fast friends too. But Raman sacrificed his lucrative job and preferred to get involved in the service of scientific research which was his major passion.

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It developed numerous branches by the time he began working in his own Institute. Inthe daughter of Nagendranath who had been a research student under him thirty years earlier was married; Raman and his wife attended thereception. At the entrance to the Institute was a board bearing the words, "The Institute is not open to visitors.

He laid the foundations of a scientific tradition in India by building up institutes for research, by publishing science journals and by encouraging young scientists.Explore complete details about CVRU Bilaspur - Dr.

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C. V Raman University, one of the top colleges in Chhattisgarh, provide the best infrastructural facilities to their students. These facilities include a big library, spacious rooms and seminar halls, with a capacity of accommodating peoples at once, superfast Wi-Fi network with 3G and 4G network, medical facilities and.

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Biographical C handrasekhara Venkata Raman was born at Tiruchirappalli in Southern India on November 7th, His father was a lecturer in mathematics and physics so that from the first.

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman

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At Dr. C.V. Raman University, through an innovative research based pedagogy along with world-class facilities and opportunities, we are providing the inspired, a platform to Be More!

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