Chippendale writing desk

Veneer - A thin slice or slices of decorative or exotic wood glued to an inferior wood to create panels, doors and cabinet sides. Arrow Foot - A cylindrical tapered foot. Density - Reference to the weight of foam used for seat and back cushions; either low density or high density.

Caning - Weaving or interlacing of narrow strips of the skin of the rattan palm to form chair seats, backs or sides. If you have a prized piece of veneer office furniture, you should begin by protecting it from any damage.

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Curio Cabinet - Tall, slender, sometimes lighted cabinet with glass doors and panels used to display collectibles. Kiln Dried - Lumber dried in a kiln to a specified uniform moisture content. Biedermeier - A style of furniture commonly produced in Austria or Germany during the early 19th century; features simple marquetry patterns.

Backrest - The back of a chair which supports a person's back while seated. Two forms of bureau were used specifically in bedrooms. Armoire - A tall wardrobe which originated in France during the 16th century. All that in a wonderful hand painted and stenciled wood box, complete with brass hardware.

Applique' - Term used to describe an applied ornamental piece. Used in place of natural cane. The building was officially opened in June and teaching started in Semester 2, Antiquing - A decorative process to treat furniture in order to make it appear older than it is.

Catalyzed Lacquer - A highly durable reactive film finish; a lacquer with an added catalyst to accelerate a chemical reaction during evaporation. He was the son of a carpenter with a knack for public relations. The Ship Chandler's Box is filled with all the paraphernalia to write an impressive document, which in the end needs to be sealed and stamped in was.

Recognizing an Authentic Chippendale Secretary Desk

This means that the cleaner tends to simply build up on the surface and be pushed around without ever absorbing in the material. The legs of his pieces typically used the Queen Anne-style cabriole leg, which is a curved leg with a ball and claw or lion's paw footing.

Some were short, but many were 8 feet tall with drawers up and down with a broken arch on top. Condensation can damage the finish and create a cloudy appearance. In most cases, this will be more than enough to remove any dust and dirt. Stretchers - The horizontal braces which connect and reinforce the vertical elements together such as chair or table legs.

One was combined with a highboy a tall chest of drawers with a legged baseone of the drawers pulling out and the front lowering to serve as a writing surface.I Quit!

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. The Business of Writing. Quitting seems quite common; often when reading through old threads on writing boards from two or three years ago I’ve clicked on someone’s book links and they’re sitting on Amazon either never having sold a copy or way down past a million in the rankings, and the writer has never released another book.

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The first customer to arrive at the sale may start the numbers. Whoever starts the numbers must stay at the house or have someone stay in your place until the sale starts. Features of a Chippendale Secretary Desk.

The Chippendale secretary desk typically has a drop front. Some were short, but many were 8 feet tall with drawers up and down with a broken arch on top. Bureau: Bureau, in the United States, a chest of drawers; in Europe a writing desk, usually with a hinged writing flap that rests at a sloping angle when closed and, when opened, reveals a tier of pigeonholes, small drawers, and sometimes a small cupboard.

Chippendale Desks

The bureau .

Chippendale writing desk
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